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OUR PARISH VISION: Trinity Centered & Discipleship Driven

The Five HABITs of Intentional Discipleship

ALL that we do at Saint Clement, including the Weekend Liturgies need to be rooted in this basic concept: Trinity Centered and Discipleship Driven.  Whatever we do at Saint Clement, needs to be CENTERED on the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and what DRIVES us are the last recorded words of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” Mt 28: 19.

Discipleship making is meant to be a KEY focus of our Church. Healthy Discipleship involves learning and living the Five HABITs of Intentional Discipleship, which are the FOUNDATION of being: “Trinity Centered and Discipleship Driven”. These 5 HABITs or Purposes or Imperatives are grounded in the way Jesus called and equipped the Twelve Apostles.

The Five HABITs of Intentional Discipleship need to be INTERWOVEN into everything we do.  We are to invite ALL our families, whether one lives alone or are a part of a large extended family, to become Trinity Centered and Discipleship Driven. We are to invite all our ministries to become Trinity Centered and Discipleship Driven. We are to invite every member, attendee and seeker, to become Trinity Centered and Discipleship Driven. Imagine the IMPACT we will have on our Parish and Plant City, if TOGETHER, we become Trinity Centered and Discipleship Driven?

To better help you understand the 5 Habits, we offer free of charge the book: The 4 signs of a Dynamic Catholic by Matthew Kelly.  We have already given out over 2,200 copies!  When you register, we will send you your own copy!



We, the members of the parish family of Saint Clement Catholic Church, are committed to living our faith by:

  • A daily prayer time with the Trinity and full conscious reception of the Sacraments
  • The study and application of the Word of God
  • Each family serving our parish generously with their Time, Talent and Treasure
  • Being an inclusive community of intentional and dedicated disciples
  • Striving to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed to the four corners of the earth



The Vision Wheel shows how the 5 Habits are connected to the center and each other.  We need all 5 Habits to be a balanced parish and a balanced disciple.


Here are the Five HABITs of Intentional Discipleship in their sequential order:

  1. PRAY: We can no longer "ASSUME" that people have a relationship with God. We need to assist everyone in making a RELATIONSHIP with God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, their #1 PRIORITY. Baptism is the FUNDAMENTAL Sacrament in which God formally adopts us. For our part we need to INTENTIONALLY decide whether or not to accept our status as a child of God and be a Disciple of Jesus & His Church. Everything else hinges on this COMMITMENT. This HABIT isresponsible for ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to "personally own" the Relationship God begins with them in Baptism and encourages a REGULAR PRAYER LIFE, that helps them grow and mature as an Intentional Disciple. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD: FATHER, SON & HOLY SPIRIT.
  2. STUDY: We are to know, understand and apply the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church to our personal lives on a regular basis. This HABIT  is responsible for the ongoing growth & development of our parish family.                                                             
  3. III.  SERVE: Involves choosing Jesus First, in the Management of our Time, Talent and Treasure. This HABIT is responsible for promoting the generous giving of our Time, Talent, and Treasure, with our Domestic Church, Parish Family, Community and World. We are to think LOCALLY and act GLOBALLY.

  4. COMMUNITY: We are invited to imitate the “fellowship” of the Trinity; with our Domestic Church, parish family and our neighbors; locally and globally. This HABIT is responsible for uniting Parishioners into a Parish family with the one Common Faith.                                                                      

  5. EVANGELIZE: We are to share the Gospel we have RECEIVED & EXPERIENCED within our Domestic Church, parish family, neighbors and community.  This HABIT is responsible for proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church, to the Four Corners of the Earth, beginning with our own parish family. We are to think LOCALLY and act GLOBALLY.             



A Companion Component represents important dimensions of parish life that are not covered directly by a HABIT. They truly are “companions” to the HABITs, which they support and complement.

  1. Administrative Services: Responsible for using sound fiscal and organizational principles in the operation of our   Parish Family in a Trinity Centered & Discipleship Driven environment. 
  2. Life Foundations:  Implements the Five HABITs of Intentional Discipleship for our children and Teens in age appropriate processes. 


The Role of the Staff, Ministry Coordinators and The Head of each Ministry

“And [Jesus] gave some as apostles, others as prophets, others as evangelists, others as pastors and teachers, TO EQUIP, the holy ones for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.”  Ephesians 4:11-12

  • According to this passage what is the role of:
  1. The Pastoral Staff: To equip the Holy ones (parishioners) for the work of ministry.
  2. According to this passage, who is suppose “to do” Ministry? The Holy Ones (parishioners)
  3. What then, is the ROLE of the leader? To equip the Holy Ones for the work of ministry by word and example