Spiritual Life

Members are Catholic men and women who consent to spend at least an hour in the presence of oru Lord during Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament when the Eucharist is in the monstrance.

BAJO EL MANTO DE LA PEREGRINA - Merci Delgado (813) 652-2946
Every Wednesday, the priest gives a blessing to a family that takes the Blessed Mother home for a week.  During the week, the family chooses a day to be visited in their home to do a Holy Rosary.  Along with the Rosary, prayers are made and they meditate on the word of God.  Once a year, they have a family retreat in Cronin Hall.  For more information, contact Israel Contreras.

MOVIMIENTO DE JUAN XXIII – Pedro Crispin 863-670-4527
El Movimiento Juan XXIII es una asociación internacional, de fieles,  constituida de acuerdo a los cánones  del Derecho Canónico de la Iglesia Católica, e inspirada en los principios que emanaron del Concilio Vaticano II.  El Movimiento Juan XXIII  no trabaja para sí,  busca ser fermento y servir como una plataforma de lanzamiento.  El grupo se reune todos los lunes a las 7pm en el salon social.

MDS (Dialogo Matrimonial) - Elias y Lorena Gutierrez (813) 426-5869
MDS is a movement to support marriages or couples which helps to deepen and enrich the experience that the couple share together in life.  It is open to all couples without distinction of religion or blief, although they are based in the Catholic Church.  Meetings are held in Spanish on Wedneday evenings from 7:30-9:00pm in the Church and provide childcare so that you will be worry free at the meetings.  the third Wednesday of the month, they have Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the Church.  For more information, contact Gilda Rosales.

GRUPO DE ORACION "CRISTO VIVE" - Jose Cabral (813) 785-9845
This group is a community in Prayer, Adoration, Praise and Evangelization.  Meetings are held in Spanish on Fridays from 7:00-9:00pm in the Church.  For more information, contact Hector del Angel.

OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE - Roxana Chavez 813-215-6020
The ministry coordinates the Celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a religious event that  teaches the chldren and our community the Mexican culture and customs.  For more information, contact Roxana Chavez.