WELCOME CENTER - Carol Rodriguez 813-727-5214
Located in the Narthex of the Church, members and guests will be welcomed.  answers any of their questions or concerns by providing current information, relevant forms, brochures, sign-up sheets and staff contact information.


The Prayer Chain is a way for people to gain assistance in prayer for any serious and pressing problems.  prayer is a way for us to reach out of ourselves and put aside our loneliness and pain for the sake of another.  To be added to the prayer list, please email Jean Smith at jeanps39@hotmail.com

PARISH NURSE - Theresa Cole 219-808-4678
Faith Community Nursing is a recognized specialty by the American Nurses Association suppported by the Baycare Hospital System.  Licensed registered nurses focus on the intentional care of the spirit and the whole approach to healthy living by mind, body and spirit.  The roles of the Faith Community Nurses are: health educator, health counselor, advocate, resource liaison, developer of support groups, coordinator of volunteers, integrator of health and spirit to all ministries when applicable.  For more information, contact Theresa Cole.

SENIOR ADULT MINISTRY (55 and older) - Carol Rodriguez 813-727-5214
This group gives seniors an opportunity to experience in a faith and full filled environment to learn how they can become active members of St. Clement Parish Family.  For more information, contact Carol Rodriguez.