Safe Environment Training

The Safe Environment Program (SEP) is mandated by the United States Conference ofCatholic Bishops, the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Diocese of St. Petersburg,  and certain Florida statues to protect children, youth, and vulnerable adults from abuse, especially sexual abuse.

St. Clement Church and the Diocese of St. Petersburg complies with all aspects of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, adopted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The Diocese of St. Petersburg must ensure that children and youth who worship, study, or participate in activities sponsored by the Diocese can do so in the safest and most secure setting possible.

This same concern applies to our vulnerable adults.  A vulnerable adult is an individual who is 18 years or older whose ability to perform the normal activities of daily living are extremely limited or whose ability to provide for his or her own care or protection is impaired due to a mental, emotional, physical, developmental disability dysfunction, brain damage, or the infirmities of aging.

Adults wishing to volunteer with our children or vulnerable adults must fill out a Volunteer Application, take the Safe Environment Training and be fingerprinted.

The following is an outline of the same print-taking process:

  1. Registration must be made online at:
  2. There’s a cost of $55.00 that needs to be paid at time of scheduling appointment.  No payment will ever be accepted at the fingerprint site. 
  3. Step by step instructions are provided – enter information under all “red” fields. It is important to select the correct parish/school where you volunteer or are employed.
  4. You will be prompted to schedule an appointment at one of the fingerprinting centers – you will receive an e-mail confirmation
  5. Upon completion of all required “red” fields, you will be provided with a “bar code” – you must have this code number with you at the time of your appointment along with the Government issued Identification card you entered under “Type of Identification”.
  6. Please make every effort to attend your appointment – contact your appointment center if you need to reschedule.
  7. Results will be forwarded to the parish/school/diocesan entity you designated during registration by the Fingerprinting Department at the Diocese of St. Petersburg.  Contractor/vendor/licensee employers will receive individual clearance letters for their employees screened by the Diocese.