Good Samaritan Water Project

The Good Samaritan Water Project (GSWP) is a missionary outreach for our youth and Young Adult Ministries. Its three-fold purpose is to provide sustainable water and sanitation projects in developing countries, give the young people and adults of our parish family the opportunity to put their Catholic faith into action, and to engage the entire parish in being involved in supporting our GSWPs.

GSWP Guiding Principles: 

  • Having our GSWP team members live out their Catholic faith through each of the clean water projects they embark on.
  • Maximize interaction with locals and support projects driven by the local community.
  • Embark on Water Projects that are sustainable.

GSWP Leadership Committees:

  • Prayer Committee: Seeks a dedicated group that will become our Prayer Giants for this Ministry. Engages the entire parish to pray for the success of this Ministry, included once a month in the Prayers of the Faithful. Open to all members of the Parish Family

  • Communications Committee: Uses a variety of media forms, to keep everyone informed on the different aspects of our Ministry. Open to adults.  Also serve as ambassadors, sharing with the Catholic youth and Young Adults of our country and beyond, how they can start a "Good Samaritan Water Project" in their own parish. Open to Young Adults.
  • Recruitment & Training Committee: Encourages the Youth of the Parish to Serve in this Awesome Ministry and trains them for their Team Position. Open to Young Adults and adults.  Mission participants representing our parish, go to the site selected for WELL/SANITATION projects.  Most will be in a foreign Country. Open to 11th and 12 graders, Young Adults and able-bodied adults.
  • Financial Support Committee: Assists with our MAJOR LENTEN ALMS DRIVE, procuring grants and works in the Good Samaritan Gift Shoppe. Open to 11th and 12th graders and Young Adults.

Questions? Contact
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